ISITWORTHIT? : function of beauty (REVIEW)

So here’s something we’ve both wanted to really dip our toes in recently… YOUTUBE!

We both have a love for photography & videography with enough preshot content to probably last us for YEARS but no real knowledge of what to do with it, and more importantly how??

How do you get started? What does good look like? What if no one is interested? 

These are all really ‘stand out’ questions that have been holding us back for years because everyone always says that ‘the first step is always the hardest’. But, last week, while I was in the beautiful Algarve (more on this later!) I decided to take the plunge and record my first ever video for YouTube.

Now I have never recorded something for an actual reason before, let alone edited anything which, let me tell you took a wee while, but I am finally done & uploaded with a review of the function of beauty custom made hair care, shampoo & conditioner.

The main reason I wanted to start making these videos is primarily the love/hate relationship we both have with social media. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram, I really really do but omg the ads. I sometimes feel like I cannot breathe without trying to be sold something when all I really want to do is just look at pictures of cute dogs.

Like just let me live Instagram.

And now here’s the hate part.

People can be so easy to give up their hard-earned cash after being bombarded by amazing reviews of a company or product. Seeing influencers telling you that you need this product to live, to be beautiful, to be a part of the ‘in-crowd’ is something that I really disagree with, especially when they are aimed at the younger generation and it’s easy to forget that these guys get paid to showcase products. Would you swap money for your personal opinion? Most likely.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not hating. There are some amazing social media influences that really do speak their mind and follow the proper guidelines (#ad) on their content. And some just, don’t.

& BORN IS THE CHANNEL! I wanted to be able to give really honest reviews of ‘instagram’ products to make sure consumers have impartial, unsponsored suggestions. & some of this shit is expensive guys…

So if you have a product that you’ve seen ALL OVER social media, it’s maybe a bit on the pricy side or your sceptical of it’s supposed results, leave me a message on any of the below and I’ll be sure to check it out… truthfully.

& don’t forget to watch my first ever video here!

IG: @Ell_Khalifa (personal)

      @2britsandabucketlist (joint)

or on the brand new YouTube guys!! 

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