Disney California Adventure! (p1)

We did decide pretty last minute that we wanted to go to Disneyland as it was a hard time persuading Fab it will be worth near $200 for two days at the two parks but she eventually gave in and my quest to complete every Disneyland on the globe continues. (8 down 3 to go baby)

I personally refuse to start any day without coffee and at the moment we’re staying in Anaheim so luckily for me, we’re within walking distance of a Starbucks (thank you, lord) and a really lovely little cafe called ‘Mimi’s’ which might even be our new local. So after queuing for our tickets, regrettably hot coffee in hand, we realized it was bloody roasting (exaggerated British slang for ‘hot’) and needed to find shade or wind somewhere asap because if you haven’t noticed I’m white asf.

We ended up in the Bug’s Life area of California Adventure first and decided to jump on ‘Flicks Flyers’ – anything that flys surely encounters wind and even though we were in the desert last year, we’re British so complaining about the weather/temperature comes naturally to us and IT WAS TOO HOT.

I never tie my hair up  –  that’s how hot it was you guys…

Second up and we found our resident ride of choice and it was BOMB.

I’ve (Lissy) been to Orlando before and absolutely loved ‘Tower of Terror’ and California’s alternative to this is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!’. We didn’t know this prior to getting on the ride but GOD DAM are we glad we found it because it was awesome.


We actually thought it was going to be a chill enough ride as in our gantry lift queue there was a little kid probably no older than five; well, let me tell you, by the time the ride was over this lil bab was crying her dam eyes out at the horror that had just occurred – being dropped roughly 40m repetitively was enough to make Fab and me scream so this little kid must have been terrified.

We loved it so much we went on it three times and we officially certify this ride as our #1 ride not to miss. Not only because it was the best thrill, but as you rise to the top, the lift doors open and the view you get over Anaheim and OC are actually amazing, we’re gutted we weren’t wearing the GoPros on this one for sure.


The line was bloody massive so we definitely recommend a fast pass for this one, or a pack or cards or something because in total I reckon we queued for around 2 hours total across the 3 times we went on, and that was with fast pass.
Around this time it was still like 500 degrees so we headed for a water ride – Grizzly River Run. We both carry a camera, and even though it was just my point and shoot and not my DSLR I was still BRICKING IT that it was going to get wet and die so if you’re the same and carrying non-water compatible equipment, take a plastic bag or whatever to cover ‘yo shit bro. You can buy waterproof bags from the park but they are for real $10 each and I ain’t about that life for a bit of old plastic so I braved it and literally held my purse for dear life.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 22.04.34Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 22.08.56

I secondly recommend not to wear sheer shirts if you’re heading for water rides, I personally made this mistake and ended up flashing my red leopard print bra to the unsuspecting children we were on the ride with and then half of the park’s guests until I dried off.
Next up food!
As I’m sure you know, eating and drinking in any park is going to be expensive asf, so be prepared for this. We went to Pacific Warf Cafe; San Fransico’s artisanal bakery and right on the water front. They serve massive fuck off sandwiches and soup in a goddam circle of bread! There’s also ducks in the water if you decide to sit outside, so be considerate and throw a bit of bread overboard.
Also, major pointer here, Disney’s California Adventure is the only park out of the two that you can drink in.  ALCOHOLLLLL BOY!
Margaritas all around.

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