Next stop.. California!

So.. we’ve got that first post under our belt and now we’re on to the real thing.


Are you as excited as we are? I’m so excited I almost just punched Fab in the face.

But, first things first. Because we’re Brits and we all know that a Brit hates to queue we’ve decided to skip that malarkey this time and fly into Dublin first.

Did you know Dublin has US Pre-clearance!?

I’ve always hated being on a plane for hours and hours and then arriving at your destination and having to wait while you faf about with your passport and boarding pass and answer questions on why you’re there bla bla blah and all you really want to do is GET OUT AND CHECK IN!

Well not for us this time! If you’re traveling to the US stop of at Dublin first, its brilliant!



(sorry about the bad quality here, it’s actually a still from my snapchat story)


Also, if you’re a smoker like I am; Dublin airport has a very chic outdoor smoking lounge located in terminal one at the Garden Terrace Bar. Enjoy yourselves a pint and a puff before the big one. Life saver!

We’re also lucky because the weather is beautiful here so sitting outside in the sun is just getting us even more worked up for that Cali weather.



We’re flying with Aer Lingus and we’ve already done GLA – DUB and sucessfully made it through pre clearance with only a full body pat down for me (Lissy) and a hot TSA agent for Fab (jealous) so now it’s onto LAX.

See you on the other side of the pond!

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