Our First Post!

Introduce Yourself..

I’m Fab, and I’m Lissy.

Fab = Brunette / / Lissy = Blonde

(usually anyway, we’ve swapped a few times)

We’re two Brits and we’ve been travelling around here, there and bloody everywhere since we were 9 years old.

Our first trip together was to a caravan park (classy) to celebrate Fab’s 10th birthday with her parents. Who knew 14 years later we’d still be wondering around together and have travelled across 3 continents, 6 countries, 8 states and too many cities to count.

When we’re old and grey we want to be able to look back at this site and laugh at all the trouble we’ve gotten into, all the people we’ve met, all the sunsets we’ve watched, all the bars we’ve got fucked up in and most importantly, all the things we’ve ticked off of our bucket list.

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