LAX Arrival

Don’t you just love that smell of hot air as you walk out of baggage reclaim?

We needed a perk after that flight. Longest flight ever.

Lissy fell asleep on the guy next to her a couple of times which was hilarious but he was cool about it and rolled with it.. nice chap. We also did some yoga in between the small gap of business and economy – some strange looks from the other passengers but safety first.. we’ve got bad legs.

The flight seemed to go on forever. It reminded me of being back in school on the last day of term, constantly looking at the clock and expecting an hour to have passed already when in reality it’s only been five minutes. It was true torture, I’m telling you.

11 hours later & we landed.

It was almost 10pm when we reached our accommodation so things we’re pretty dead and we were starving.

The first thing you need to do on day zero is eat something with a little bubbly right? Yumm..

Big old bacon, egg and cheese burger with fries? Check √  √  √  √  √  √  √

It’s a busy day planned ahead of us for tomorrow, so time for some beauty sleep (we’re both ugly asf after that plane journey) and a recharge.

Stay turned for tomorrow we’ll show you the city.


Also – For real the world’s most luxorios pillows right here guys.

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